So, on a serious note from a bonafide road warrior.   On 9/11, I was in Redmond, WA watching what I thought initially was some terrorist scenario simulation until the horrified commentators started talking and I realized it was the real deal.  One of my best friends was in the Pentagon when it was struck and called me from her cell while running from the building.  I flew home the end of the week after a couple of days of delay while they got security and flights in place.  I flew back out a week later to South America.  It never occurred to me not to do so.
I have watched the story of Comair 5191 in Kentucky since the crash occurred, including plane details, the wrong runway snafu, the lack of lights, the tired ATC and the crew originally getting on the wrong plane.  I fly on CRJs on commuter flights all the time – like them a lot, in fact.   I have been through the heightened security alerts following the foiled plot in the UK.  I have watched every news story about every suspicious iPod, water bottle and abandoned note.
No, I’m not worried about flying.  No, I’m not going to stop flying.  Yes, I am flying the week of September 11th.  You don’t change your life because of accidents, threats and "what ifs".  The minute you do, you lose, they win.  I think the TSA and DHS should take heed of this.