OK, so you have all seen the ads.  Maybe you have friends raving over these white sponge thingies.  If you are like me, you approach the raves with skepticism and, while you keep meaning to try them, you keep forgetting when you are the store.  I finally wound up with a couple of boxes, which I let sit around for a few weeks (the skepticism part) until today.  When it completely cleaned the carwash (big honking double shower, tiled with glass doors – cleaning nightmare).  I mean completely – water scale, soap scum, rust, stains, discolorations – everything.  Now, I’m not big on getting inspired to clean, but this thing had me running from surface to surface assaulting stuff that had resisted every cleanser, scrubber and gadget invented by man.  And with virtually zero elbow grease.  And no gloves.  And no fumes.
Definitely “Stuff That Works” – check out the usage tips here and make a special trip to the store if you are one of the folks that keep forgetting.