Migrated over from my live space blog, finally registered cosmichomicide.com (been meaning to do that for years) and trying to decide what direction I want to go in for 2011, late though I may be in starting.  I suppose I could go with a change or achievement every month that moves me towards a personal goal (working with the theory that it takes a month to engrain a habit).  That way I could count finally getting the domain names I wanted registered, completing two of my ITIL certifications and being most of the way towards my books read goal for the year.  🙂

One other idea was to evangelize my passion – the truly paperless home and office.  Then there is also revisiting the cash savings areas from my cheapskate posts and see how they are doing, maybe look for new cost cutters.  I could go cliched and do a bucket list or vow to write x amount per week or go through some series of literary exercises or – or not…

But hey, blogging is on the way out, slithering down the backside of the curve, pushed out by emoticons, social netbites, digital talking points – so does it really matter?  So, I’ll think about it and probably do a bit of it all.  So, hello world (again, sorta)!