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Wow.  January went fast.  And it was productive – I’ve posted on completion of two of the goals (one was modified – I put off full paperless bill pay for a bit, even though I got quite a lot of that done, my attention was directed at refinancing) and will get the other two up this week (I’ve not taken the “after” pictures yet).  To summarize January:

  • Finances – Set autopays, text/e-mail notifications, review 2011 and pick a location to start putting the “important information” as I come across it.  (Especially that which is needed for taxes.) – Substitution Goal
  • Paperless – eliminate one entire bookcase by sales, donations, trades or recycling.  Remove the bookcase from the house. – Complete
  • House – clean out the “Christmas clutter”, organize and pack up only what will be a pleasure to unpack next year. – Complete
  • Health & Sanity – time for the 2012 reading challenge and registering for my next 5K. – Complete

On to February:

  • Finances – 2011 taxes complete and filed.  This will be the earliest ever, but I have kept up with my filing and have all the information on hand, so we’re going for the record (and the early refund).  This will, however, finish up the “location for important information” and review 2011 part of January’s original goal.
  • Paperless – Set up auto-pays, paperless billing, equal payment plans and get finances into an electronic format to make life easier next tax season.  (Part II of January’s Finances goal)
  • House – Electronics clutter.  In January I moved the “family computer” to the upstairs spare room.  Time to redo the wiring, get rid of out of date hardware and electronics, sift through those chargers, cables and whatsits.
  • Health & Sanity – Certification updates since I’ve been a bit of a slacker.  And the traditional professional credentials and resume refresh – while I don’t plan to change jobs, this is something that is easier to keep updated “as you go” than to try and remember after a few years.

I should mention, that for all the flurry of activity this is spawning, I have to admit that the moments of panic and stress are decreasing and the feeling of positive forward movement is increasing.  Now if I could just get into the habit of posting regularly instead of in spurts. 😉