Well, yikes!  March just flew by and I didn’t get much of anything I wanted to do finished.  So, April is catch up and have fun month.  I am adding one new goal since I did manage to completely finish one, but other than that, I’m going to focus on getting overdue pictures and posts up, completing the unfinished and having some fun.

From March:

  • Finances – Passports & wills.  Time for the boy to get a “full passport” and our wills are horribly out of date. – Carried Over
  • Paperless – Shredding month.  – Completed (Wewt!  6 tall kitchen bags of shredding off to recycling!)
  • House – Electronics clutter.  Redo the wiring, get rid of out of date hardware and electronics, sift through those chargers, cables and whatsits. – Carried Over
  • Health & Sanity – Continuing with certifications.   – Carried Over

New for April:

  • Catch Up – Outstanding posts, outstanding goals.
  • Have Fun – Do at least two completely new things just for the fun of it.