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We actually finished this months ago, but I never got around to the update, so here it is.  We are moving through the house, room by room, doing all those things that have been sitting on the “Wow.  Need to fix that someday.” list.  Not the huge things, but the little things that don’t really hold you up, but which constantly hang in the back of your mind.  And we frankly never really finished the guest bathroom to completion.  The January list item was:

Home – Guest BathroomGuest Bath

  • Buy & install replacement toilet seat, mirror, trash can & doorknob (budget $100, use rewards points where possible)
  • Deep clean
  • Touch up paint – matched and bought paint
  • Before & after pictures – dangit, took the door down before I got pics.
  • Sand and stain door, rehang to adjust to house settling – sanded

How did it turn out?  Pretty darned well.  The door in particular looks terrific.  And yes, the walls are actually the outside of the original house and the ceiling is tin painted with copper paint.  The cabinet is the exterior window, the paint colors are identical to the four color outside of the house.  We came in just under budget and even picked up new hand towels on sale.  The room is completely decluttered, everything needed stores away in the cabinet, total cleaning time less than 10 minutes – the secondary goal of each room redo being to minimize and reduce cleaning time.

Mission accomplished!