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Yeah, it’s only a little over 3 miles.  Still, lots of people think about doing a race (even a short one) and never do.  I decided to do the Speed for Children in Need 5K at the Charlotte Motor Speedway on December 11, 2011 and I dragged the consort along with me.  I decided from the start that I was going to walk the race as finishing was the priority and I had developed some pretty painful shin splints along the way while getting ready for it.  The race started at the drag strip, went up and over the pedestrian bridge, down and through the tunnel and then finished on the track.  It was frankly pretty cool though the up and down and sideways walking (that track is SLOPED) caught us by surprise.  We finished within the race time (and weren’t dead last).  I’ve done several 5Ks since then and finishing is always pretty neat, but I have to admit the first one (slow as it was) was the biggest rush of accomplishment.  And it got me to add a 10K to the list.  I didn’t do this race last year, but I think I’ll do it this year.  And run this time.