Yay!  One of the (few) positives about the recession is that my house (which had an estimate of $10K for painting 10 years ago and $6K for painting 5 years ago is now getting estimates in the $3-4K range.  Which is very exciting.  So, going for it.  Painters arrive at 10!  I should note that I have one of those rambling old 4 color Victorians and we have already painted the porch and its gingerbread ourselves (that would have raised the cost by a snotload) and will be doing the porch floor once the exterior is done, but still – this is a huge step in our 2013 house refresh goal.

We were doing the house 1/4 at a time ourselves, scraping and caulking and cleaning as we went, but couldn’t let the opportunity pass to get a clean professional start for a perfectly reasonable price.  Especially since this will let us focus on the interior redo.  There will definitely be pictures on this one. 🙂