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Perhaps a bit early for the 2013 post, but I’m feeling reflective, so… It’s been a really great year!  Just a few of the highlights:

  • New job with a terrific company.
  • New (old) car that I love.
  • The heir got accepted to his (only) college of choice.
  • The heir was named VIP of the rugby team (as a junior).

    No, no - it's not New Year's Eve yet.  I'm just behind on posts and ahead on reflection. :)

    No, no – it’s not New Year’s Eve yet. I’m just behind on posts and ahead on reflection. 🙂

  • Repainted the house.
  • Zero debt other than the mortgage.
  • The consort got a new job.
  • Spent a weekend on the lake outside Toronto with old friends.
  • Spent a week in Vegas with my best friend.
  • Completed 2 more intermediate ITIL certifications.
  • Added a new dog to the herd.
  • Finished the guest bathroom.
  • Both the Braves and the Panthers made the playoffs!

There were some downs (though not many) – my old workplace had gotten pretty chaotic and stressful, we had a few unfortunate appliance and car meltdowns, I didn’t complete some of my 2014 goals (though others stepped up to the plate) and so on, but overall 2013 was a wonderful year!  Bring on 2014, we’re ready!