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  • Fitness – Hit my Fitbit goals for the month
  • Professional – Complete the ITIL 2011 Intermediate SOA qualification
  • Habit – Fitness and Food Journaling
  • Home – Guest bedroom
  • Financial – 401K and retirement accounts
  • Decluttering – File for 2013 taxes, set up 2014 files
  • Cost cutting – Insurance review

I just got my Fitbit Flex for Christmas and so far I’m liking it even without a direct phone sync app.  I’ll be doing a review of the device at the end of January after I’ve used it for a month – the first goal it set was 10K steps per day which is more than doable.  I’m buying the ITIL Intermediate SOA course today so I can start studying for the qualification exam.  The app I’ll be using for the health journaling is the Fitbit dashboard so I can include it in the review.

The guest bedroom project will start with a list and some pictures and hopefully include some decluttering.  Definitely a post of its own and I fully expect it to require time during the catch up month.  I need to sign up for the 401K at the new job and then get all the various accounts sorted and into a single dashboard.  Filing is always fun, not.  But it is nice to see all those fresh new 2014 folders ready to go.  And finally, I’m pretty sure I’m overinsured in some places and underinsured in others, so time to get some quotes, check my policies and coverage and such.  Fingers crossed that it leads to a good chunk of savings or a better sense of what is and isn’t covered adequately.

Right now I’m planning to do an update post every weekend to keep on track, denoting which goals have been completed and anything I learned during the week while working on them.  I’ve decided that 2014 is the year of learning new things and trying new things – hopefully without any major injuries as a result of it. 🙂