Well, not really true – 2014 was jam packed full of activities and blogging just wasn’t one of the ones that made it to the top.  Will 2015?  Who knows but let’s try.  I’m saving the what happened last year post for later this week; this one is just about getting back on the bicycle and moving forward.  I’ve dumped resolutions entirely this year in favor of developing the habit of doing a few simple things every day and seeing where it leads.  So every day I will be doing:

  • Do something that improves myself or my surroundings
  • Try, do or learn something new – be it a new food, a new book or a new adventure.
  • Do something that declutters myself (physically, mentally or physically) or my surroundings.

Now, a gal still needs a few goals to go along with those to motivate – as always I’ll be doing the Goodreads challenge for reading.  I also want to focus on only those things in life that bring a sense of joy and hopefully remember to share those as I discover them.  Building good habits is high on my list with healthy eating and increasing my activity being the key focus.

To close this first post of the new year, I’d like to add a link that struck me as particularly useful and included some things I would like to banish from my life (which is one of the things it suggests, ironically):

From Thoughtcatalog, 10 Ways You’re Making Your Life Harder Than It Has To Be

Enjoy – and welcome to a fresh new year. 🙂