Yes, we were avoiding the elephant in the room, but decided that our August vacation was the end of smoking – it’s now been a month so we are counting it as official.  I’d love to say there was some special method, but we basically picked up a couple of boxes of Chantix with the intention of using it to curb the craving.  After a week taking it, we had no interest in smoking and once we got back from vacation, we dropped that too.  I suppose I should subtract the wasted $100 prescription from the total, but I think it is more than offset by the additional state and federal cigarette taxes we’re now avoiding.
August Savings Total – $4992/year (2 cartons per week at $48/carton)
Cumulative Savings Total – $7002/year ($374 ahead of $500/mo goal)
Remaing Savings Towards Goal – ($1002)
Goal met with months to spare, LOL!  That said, car insurance is next and our newest goal is to reduce our monthly grocery bill to $500/month.  I also need to go back and blog the missed months as well as a summary.