If you remember, there was a bit of a fustercluck with DirecTV – even though I’d had service previously, I was deemed by the installers as requiring a $200 pole.  So, after a day of calling, comparing and other annoyances, we ditched the DirecTV plan and suffered on.  We looked at dropping to a lower service tier with TWC, but they require HD for DVR apparently, which was simply not helpful as we didn’t want to go the TiVO route.  Sooooo….
Let’s talk bundles.  I intensely dislike Windstream Wireless but the $100 TWC bill was making my nose bleed.  As a grandfathered CTC customer, I was getting 6Mbps DSL and phone for $75.00, but no long distance.  Total telecom (excluding cellphones) at $175.00/mo.  Windstream’s phone, DSL and TV bundle comes in at $110/mo for the first year, $125/mo for the second with a 2 year committment.   This gives the identical savings for DirectTV reported earlier in the year ($780 first year, $600 second year) and adds unlimited long distance (and I admit to liking land lines).
Here’s hoping the service doesn’t suck – I have to give Windstream credit as the service hasn’t been nearly as bad in the last 6 months.  No financial gain (though we are already ahead) but we picked up unlimited long distance on a land line so it’s all good.
Cable and Internet were slated for May, so technically…
May Savings Total – $780/year
Cumulative Savings Total – $7002/year ($374 ahead of $500/mo goal)
Remaing Savings Towards Goal – ($1002)