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So, year after year I’ve noticed consistent themes and progress (which is good) but not closure really.  I’ve decluttered and my life is much lighter, but not quite “there”.  I’ve trimmed and cut and budgeted, but still not quite “there”.  I’ve even knocked a couple of items off the old bucket list.  That said, I still don’t feel that I’m entirely focused on “the important things” because I’m surrounded by (and in some cases drowning in) “the other stuff”.  So I think that, this year, I’m going to focus each month on one problem that’s eating up more time than it should, eliminate it and put in a way to keep it at bay – completely closed.

Finances have been a consistent time consumer for years as has the paper that surrounds them.  I’ve made some inroads (refinancing, reducing, consolidating) but they still chew up more headspace than they deserve.  So they are on the list.

Clutter in the form of paper also drags on year after year, though the handy shredder has helped a lot.  I still find myself moving paper from place to place as I “can’t quite decide what to do with it”.  This year, I decide.

Home repair and improvement and all the “stuff” that goes along with it (and the yard is included in this) is possibly the biggest albatross around the neck.  And it ties to both the finances and the paper.  Time to resolve.

Health and well being is last but hardly least.  Less stuff, more time, better habits, better food, greener, better quality and less expensive.  What do I need that I don’t have, what do I have that I don’t need, what does the family really use that could stand an upgrade or streamlining?  Simple questions and this year we find the answers.

Four categories, twelve months, 52 weeks.  At a rate of 4 hours per week, 16 hours per month (divided up ever how it makes sense).  While I’m sure there will be gaps and random posts and such, the goal this year is to pick one problem in each category at the beginning of each month, document the issue and resolve one each week.  And by resolve, either completely eliminate the issue or integrate a habit so it doesn’t become a problem again.

So, January will be:

  • Finances – Set autopays, text/e-mail notifications, review 2010 and pick a location to start putting the “important information” as I come across it.  (Especially that which is needed for taxes.)
  • Paperless – eliminate one entire bookcase by sales, donations, trades or recycling.  Remove the bookcase from the house.
  • House – clean out the “Christmas clutter”, organize and pack up only what will be a pleasure to unpack next year.
  • Health & Sanity – time for the 2012 reading challenge and registering for my next 5K.

Wish me luck. 🙂