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  • The problem:  None really.  Yay me!
  • The resolution:  Schedule that 5K and join that reading challenge.
  • The long term solution:  Healthy and brilliant, of course.
  • Before:  Wobbled through my first 5K in December and read 75 books in 2011.
  • Step by step:
  1. Identified 2 local 5Ks in April.  Will register for one of them in February based on my schedule.
  2. Laid out a training plan for a 5K and one for a 10K.  If all goes well, 10K in the fall.
  3. Decided on 80 books for 2012 on Goodreads (just waiting for the 2012 Challenge to start so I can sign up).  My end of the year total for 2011 was 90, goal was 75, so that seemed like a reasonable increase.
  4. Pulled out all the books that are in my TBR pile and are wishlisted on PaperbackSwap and put them in the bedroom bookcase – that way I should get to ship them out as soon as I finish reading them.  Double duty on minimizing/decluttering!
  5. Got a library card (you’d think I would have done this already, but back when I traveled it just wasn’t practical to take loaned books with me).
  6. Set up a route in RunKeeper to the post office (to mail off those books) and to the library.