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Officially entered the Goodreads Reading Challenge for 2012.  Going for 80 books this year and a secondary challenge of 50 of those being books already in the house that promptly leave the house to support the decluttering and reduction theme.  I’m also planning to try and do reviews for the 5 star books this year, including publishing them here as well as Goodreads.  I suppose I could have gone for more total books since I actually closed out 2011 with 95 books, but I don’t really want my head exploding in several years if I jump too high too fast.  Now to pick the perfect inaugural book for 2012!

Also finalized the 5K choice when I ran across the NC Half Marathon (and 5K) at the Charlotte Motor Speedway on March 25th.  Not only is it nearby, but the timing is pretty well perfect and hey, the shirts are cool looking, LOL!  I figure I’ll try for two 5Ks in the spring/summer and then make a decision about a 10K in the fall.  I’ve decided to use the Couch to 5K program in conjunction with my RunKeeper and hit the YMCA on my “off days”, hoping that keeps me from damaging myself again.

Sooooo… the first mini-resolution is complete and I’ve already started sifting through the Christmas stuff towards the second.  Tree will be coming down on Twelfth Night (that would be Thursday), so look for the decoration purge in next weekend’s post (I even took before and after pictures).