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It’s the annual shredfest – anything that isn’t needed anymore goes into the shredder.  There is a great article on Bankrate on How Long to Keep Financial Records that I use as a rule of thumb.  If I have any question (or think I might have potential regrets), I scan before shredding.  Trust me, once the credit bureaus and IRS deadlines have passed, the house or car has been sold or the account has been closed, you can safely shred away.  Notice how many times I said “SHRED”?  A good shredder is an investment in keeping your identity safe – if you don’t have one, get one.

Total shredded and recycled this month – 6 tall kitchen can bags equalling 2 years, several banker boxes and a filing cabinet drawer.  Did I mention that shredding is also therapeutic?  Nothing quite like grinding, chopping and cutting (not to mention clearing out) after a stressful day.