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In a bit of a strategy change, I started creating one Outlook task with a series of small steps in it that repeated either daily or weekly and then trying to move just a bit ahead on each thing whenever it comes up.  It has actually worked out rather well since my list isn’t cluttered with 923704958745 single steps, there is a regular reminder and, as I finish part of the goal, I get to make the task “look shorter”.

Basically, my task list looks like this – [Larger Goal]: [Step 1], [Step 2], [Step 3].  Inside the task are all the notes and details and information gathered along the way.  If it is something particularly large or complicated, I do a OneNote notebook (Evernote will work as well) with a cloud sync so I can access it from anywhere (like the store when I’m trying to remember why I’m there).  As I finish a step, I edit the task (I remove it, you could also strikethrough) – [Larger Goal]: [Step 1], [Step 2], [Step 3].  Once all the steps are done, I delete the entire task.