Completed bold green with strikethrough, in progress in bold with italic, notes, summary and updates inline.  Not started in blue.

  • Fitness – Hit my Fitbit goals for the month.  Purchased FitBit Premium and configured the trainer.  Not hitting the band goals but hitting the trainer goals, so I’m good with that.  Down another 2 pounds and currently 2 pounds off my goal for January. 🙂
  • Professional – Complete the ITIL 2011 Intermediate SOA qualification.  Completed through Module 4 of 12.On Track!
  • Habit – Fitness and Food Journaling.    Still doing pretty well on this and it’s becoming a habit to log food right after eating.  Particularly like the dashboard widgets in FitBit that let you watch your calories vs. activities.
  • Home – Guest bedroom.  Nothing this week.
  • Financial – 401K and retirement accounts.  Got news that my new 401K was being moved to another firm.  Looks like I’ll be updating the updates sometime next week, LOL!
  • Decluttering
  • Cost cutting – Insurance review

Moving on along – particularly pleased with the fitness goals for this month.  Developing a lot of awareness of what I eat and how much I move around vs. sitting.