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So I got my FitBit Flex just before Christmas pretty much to see what all the fuss was about with the fitness trackers (and because they hired a Windows App team so I can nearly taste phone sync in my future).  I posted some initial impressions about the device a while back and figured I would revisit after a month and then again at the 3 and 6 month points.  And I’m still in love with this thing – to the point that I purchased Premium just to have more data to play with and to use the trainer dashboard.Fitbit-Flex

I’ve lost 9 pounds.  I’ve increased my daily activity even in the face of a bitter cold winter.  I’m hitting my water intake goals (64 oz/day).  Best of all, I’ve gained some major insight into my sleep patterns, done a bit of tweaking and am sleeping both longer and better now.

The battery life is as advertised.  It’s extremely simple to use, including the food journal.  The charge battery and update emails are really neat and a nice touch.  It connects to social media platforms as well as other fitness apps (in my case, HealthVault and Endomondo – both quite good if you are looking).  It is comfortable.  The dashboards, settings and goals are mostly well thought out (there is one dashboard widget that isn’t terribly useful, but you can customize the dashboard so not a huge deal).  The data is cool and you can “compete” either with yourself on a daily, weekly, monthly basis or you can add friends and compete with them.

I’ve started actively looking for opportunities to get in more steps and have found myself out taking a long walk to finish up the daily step goal.  And hey, it has blinking lights.  Everyone loves blinking lights. 🙂