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And the first month of 2014 comes to an end.  Touching base with the monthly goals.  I completed 4 of 7 in January with a couple more well on the way to completion, so a pretty successful month.  Very happy with the habit and fitness goals as well as my Fitbit for making it not only easy but fun.

February has some standard ones related to taxes, but the habit goal is going to be the most interesting.  I wanted to figure out something that would be creative and require me to pay attention to stuff I normally wouldn’t so I decided on either taking a picture every day (ah, the joys of camera phones) or drawing something every day.  The ITIL certification is creeping into probably March to finish Expert, but it has been moving along steadily, so the extra time isn’t a concern.

So, let’s take a look at January:

  • Fitness – Hit my Fitbit goals for the month (yep, Christmas present)
  • Professional – Complete the ITIL 2011 Intermediate SOA qualification
  • Habit – Fitness and Food Journaling
  • Home – Guest bedroom
  • Financial – 401K and retirement accounts
  • Decluttering – File for 2013 taxes, set up 2014 files
  • Cost cutting – Insurance review

And February:

  • Fitness – Sign up for the NC Half Marathon Twilight 5K in March
  • Professional – Complete the ITIL 2011 MALC (Expert) qualification
  • Habit – Take or draw a picture every day
  • Home – [month off to catch up if needed]
  • Financial – 2013 Taxes completed and filed
  • Decluttering – Scan/Shred old records
  • Cost cutting/saving – Cut dining out to one dinner and one lunch per week