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This is kind of a placeholder post for all the different ways I find to boost my steps every day.  The one that I do NOT recommend is the 52 steps I was taking three times per night to let the dogs out – was completely messing with my sleep.

So this relates to the Fitbit for me (or really any pedometer style program).  There are ways to increase your steps, some obvious others not so much.

  • Put each piece of laundry away individually.  As in take it out of the basket, fold it, walk it to the room where it lives and put it away.  Depending on the size of your family and house, this one can return some pretty huge results.
  • Park at the far end of the lot from the farthest entrance door to your building.  If you really want to add a bit, walk around the building once before going in.
  • Walk to lunch at work instead of driving.  (Obviously requires decent shoes be worn or stored at work.)
  • Walk straighten the house.  Pick up something that belongs in another room and walk it there to put it away.  Pick up something in that room and do the same.  Do this one either until you don’t have anything left in a room, until the entire house is straightened or for a time period (like 15 minutes or so).

More to come as I discover them. 🙂